The AVERE Light Electric Vehicle Task Force (LEV-TF) defends and promotes the LEV-sector in all relevant European issues such as technical laws and regulations, transport policy, environmental policy, fiscal policy, …

The AVERE LEV-TF offers individual information and assistance services to the LEV-secotr and informs the sector on funding opportunities for light electric mobility.

The AVERE LEV-TF works in close cooperation with LEVA.


Founded in 1978, AVERE brings together vehicle and equipment manufacturers, electricity utilities, associations, interest groups, public bodies, research and development entities and users.

AVERE has a federal and decentralized structure with 17 National Associations, two European networks: CITELEC – Association of European Cities interested in Electric Vehicles and Eurelectric – Union of the Electricity Industry, as well as direct members. In total AVERE has over 1000 direct and indirect members.

Together with EVAAP (covering Asia Pacific) and EDTA (covering the Americas), AVERE forms the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA ).

Further details on www.avere.org.

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