First certified speed pedelec helmets now available

On 13-1-2017 the first speed pedelec helmets have received a NTA 8776 certificate. This means that these helmets are officially suitable for use on a speed pedelec in the Netherlands.

So far,the NTA 8776 certificate is only valid in the Netherlands and the requirement for speed pedelec riders to use a NTA 8776 certified helmet is only applicable in this one member state. In Belgium for instance, speed pedelec riders are allowed to use a bicycle helmet.

On the NEN speed pedelec page you can find an overview of issued certificates and an overview of frequently asked questions concerning NTA 8776 helmets.

There are currently two certified helmets: Cratoni Vigor and Bontrager Rally Mips.



One Comment

  1. I’m very interest by the feedback of the evaluation of the belgium Leuven KU University about the speedbike as an alternative of cars.
    could you provide me some comments or results ?
    many thanks
    best regards



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