Second round of SOLUTIONS E-learning courses

Build upon your knowledge base and develop new skills in your own time at your own pace

As a SOLUTIONS’ partner, AVERE ispleased to announce the launch of the second round of SOLUTIONS E-learning courses! An eco-friendly way of achieving more impressive and effective knowledge! The project has established a new series of free online courses for those interested in bringing innovative transport solutions to their own town, city or region. Full course descriptions and schedule are available below.

Who are the courses for?

The SOLUTIONS courses are intended for professionals working in the field of urban mobility who wish to expand their knowledge and share their experiences with participants from around the world. No detailed pre-knowledge is required in order to participate. Each course is designed to include tailored tasks and interactions with experts and other participants. The courses and the discussion forum will be in English, therefore a minimum knowledge is required. You can register here http://urban-mobility-solutions.eu/resources/e-learning/ and participate for free.

When does it start and how long will it last?

Courses will be offered starting on 7 September 2015, starting every second Monday until 16 November 2015. Each course will run for five weeks, taking approximately two hours per week to complete.

E-learning course


Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

7 Sept – 9 Oct 2015

Network and Mobility Management

21 Sept – 23 Oct 2015

Clean Vehicles

5 Oct – 6 Nov 2015

City Logistics

19 Oct – 20 Nov 2015

Cycling Infrastructure

2 Nov – 4 Dec 2015

Sustainable Public Transport

16 Nov – 18 Dec 2015

What will participants gain?

  • Access to online courses with advice from global experts;
  • Connection to mobility practitioners from all over the world;
  • A Course Certificate when all the set tasks for a course have been completed. Certificates will be distributed to the e-learning participants as soon as all courses have been completed (December 2015);
  • A chance to win a free trip to the SOLUTIONS final conference. The cluster leaders will select the participant that has put the most effort into their forum contributions.

What about Light Electric Vehicles?

Light Electric Vehicles are included in the course on Clean Vehicles running from 5 October till 6 November. This course will be complemented with a webinar specifically dedicated to Light Electric Vehicles. The webinar will take place in the last week of October, the exact date will be communicated as soon as it is available.

Traffic safety of electric bicycles: a naturalistic cycling study

The number of electric bicycles has increased in recent years and continues to increase both in Germany and elsewhere. For example, 410,000 electric bicycles were sold in Germany in 2013. The growing number of electric bicycles and the possibility of higher speeds give rise to concerns about road safety, in particular the risk of crashes and accidents.

Consequently, German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) and Chemnitz University of Technology carried out a large-scale naturalistic cycling study to investigate the vehicle usage, speed and road safety of users of electric bicycles in Germany. Three groups were compared: riders of pedelecs, s-pedelecs and conventional bicycles.

A field study approach was selected to collect cycling data in a realistic yet controlled setting. More specifically, they took a naturalistic approach: the participants’ behavior was recorded during their daily life as unobtrusively as possible. For this purpose, they developed a data acquisition system (DAS) with video cameras and different sensors which were fitted on the participants bikes.

There were a total of 90 participants. 49 of them were pedelec users, 10 were s-pedelec users, and 31 were ordinary cyclists. Each participant was observed for a period of four weeks riding their own bike. In addition, participants were required to fill in a travel diary for one week to record all journeys, not just those for which they used their bike.

The comparison of conventional bicycles, on one hand, with pedelecs and s-pedelecs, on the other hand, shows that the latter are not less safe than bicycles  or associated with different risks. The potentially higher speeds of pedelecs are used mainly by s-pedelec users. Pedelec users use the motor assistance primarily for convenience.

For the report, click here: http://udv.de/en/traffic-participants/cyclists/vehicles/pedelecs/traffic-safety-electric-bicycles

Extra Energy Test 2015 published

Issue 12 of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Magazine is in English, German and Chinese, and includes 14 detailed test reports and results. Feature highlights include series hybrid pedelecs, youth pedelecs, sound for pedelecs and LEV components. You can download the twelfth edition of the ExtraEnergy Magazine free as a PDF document, or you can flip through the pages online: http://extraenergy.org/main.php?language=en&category=&subcateg=&id=79314

Genevieve Cullen appointed as President of EDTA

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Genevieve Cullen to the position of President. EDTA is the cross-industry trade association promoting the advancement of electric drive technologies and transportation, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles.

“As the electric drive market enters an exciting new phase, we are fortunate to have a leader with Genevieve Cullen’s outstanding record and unique understanding of the industry to advance EDTA’s mission,” said Tracy Woodard, the chair of EDTA’s Board of Directors.   Ms. Cullen previously served as EDTA Vice President, developing and leading the organization’s policy program.  As president, she is overseeing the organization’s outreach to stakeholders, policymakers, consumers and the media to accelerate the adoption of electric drive technologies.

“I am excited to lead the organization in this critical growth phase for the industry,” Cullen said. “I look forward to working with the members and all of electric drive’s stakeholders to ensure our continued success in expanding the use of secure, clean and affordable electricity in transportation.”   EDTA conducts public policy advocacy, education, industry networking, and conferences. The association’s membership includes vehicle and equipment manufacturers, energy companies, technology developers, component suppliers, government agencies and others. For more information about EDTA, visit www.electricdrive.org.

New concept and altered timetable for Eurobike 2016

The 25th Eurobike will hold some changes in concept for next year. The testing opportunities of Demo Day for instance, which until now took place on the day before the trade show, will be integrated as a permanent component of the Eurobike. This means that testing services will be even better for trade visitors and in the future for bike fans too.

Another innovation for Eurobike 2016 will be the introduction of a second public day on the Sunday, so that even more consumers can come indulge their love of all things bike. As a result, the 25th Eurobike will be held with the altered timetable of Wednesday, August 31, to Sunday, September 4, 2016. Wednesday to Friday is reserved for trade visitors while the weekend is specifically dedicated to consumers.

“We have initiated these concept changes to help further stimulate worldwide enthusiasm for two-wheeled mobility. We are pleased that numerous influential partners are already firmly convinced that this is a step in the right direction. Of course, all the Eurobike participants are fully aware that this also presents new challenges that will need to be overcome,” explain Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and Eurobike Head Stefan Reisinger.