ACEM re-elects Stephan Schaller as its President and welcomes MV Agusta as 15th member manufacturer

Hosted by Piaggio on 26 March 2015, ACEM General Assembly re-elected Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad, as President of the association until March 2017. Furthermore, ACEM Vice-Presidents Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, and Leo Francesco Mercanti, Piaggio Executive Vice-president for 2 Wheeler Product Marketing, have been reconfirmed in their positions.

ACEM is also pleased to announce that motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta, previously a member between 1994 and 2003, has re-joined the association. As of today, ACEM will represent a total of 15 world leading companies in the motorcycle industry, as well as 18 national associations based in Europe.
MV Agusta, headquartered in Varese, Italy, is a very well-known company for its advanced technology and premium vehicles. MV Agusta manufactures vehicles in several segments including supersport, superbike, sports-naked and crossover.

Copenhagen to roll out new smart traffic system

Copenhagen City Council has approved spending 60 m Krone (€ 8.04m) to implement intelligent transport systems (ITS) that will adapt traffic signals to weather and real-time traffic conditions.

The proposed plan will see commuters in Copenhagen relay anonymous information via their smartphones and mobile devices to street sensors, allowing traffic lights to change based on the number of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on the road at that specific time.

Traffic signals will communicate directly with city buses, allowing them longer green lights when they are behind schedule and full with passengers. Information will also be relayed when crowds of people embark on crossings, for example when exiting concerts or sporting matches, providing them with extended green lights.

‘Put simply, these systems will ensure traffic that flows better so that as many people as possible will save time in the greenest possible way,’ said Morten Kabell, Deputy Mayor for Technical Affairs.

This system has already been tested in parts of Copenhagen and a study of bus traffic has shown that the ITS has cut travel time by as much as 30 per cent on some routes.

For more information, visit the The Local website

Next CIVITAS Activity Fund call to open on 30 March

The third call for applications to the CIVITAS Activity Fund will open on 30 March, and cities and organisations are encouraged to start considering their application preparation.

The CIVITAS Activity Fund aims to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures, providing up to 50 per cent in co-funding to successful applicants. In each call leading ‘pioneer’ CIVITAS cities share experiences and knowledge to accelerate the spread of sustainable measures in European cities. In the first two calls 25 projects from across Europe received approximately € 125 000 in co-funding for activities covering all the ten CIVITAS themes.

The third call focuses on the take-up of tools developed, applied, tested or evaluated within the CIVITAS Initiative, offering a total of € 60 000 in funding. Funding is available at four ‘take-up’ levels – being inspired, structural dialogue, studies, or systematic transfer. Different amounts of funding are available at each take-up level.

The Activity Fund is also seeking CIVITAS cities who can share knowledge and expertise on the use of such tools with organisations applying to the fund. The tools can cover any of the ten CIVITAS themes as well as other areas such as planning, evaluation, business models and exploitation. Interested cities can send an outline of suitable tools as well as a short motivational letter to until 16 March.

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Eurobike is getting up to speed

From 26 to 29 August, participants from the (electric) bicycle industry around the world will meet at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Innovations and trends are in the media spotlight, all the big names are present on Lake Constance: 1,300 exhibitors, 46,000 trade visitors from over 100 countries, and nearly 2,000 journalists. As the leading global fair, Eurobike is reserved for trade representatives for the first three day. Further details on Eurobike at

More news on AVERE’s participation at Eurobike in the next few weeks.

Pre-Register for EVS28 in Goyang, Korea

The 28th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS28) will be held at KINTEX, in Goyang, Korea from May 3 – 6, 2015.

Today, the world is faced with various global issues, such as climate change, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, decreasing supplies of fossil fuel resources and high oil prices. Now is the time to focus on the key areas of “Green” and Sustainability.” EV, HEV, PHEV, EREV, FCEV and many other types of EVs will be among the solutions for change, and EVS will be the place highlighting the trends of the EV industry.As one of the oldest world-wide symposiums, EVS will turn 46 years old in 2015. Since its beginnings in 1969, the EVS series has come to be recognized as the premier event in the leading trends and technological advances in Electro Mobility. This wouldn’t have been possible without the active participation and great support from distinguished experts around the world. 

The upcoming EVS28 will be an important milestone for the future of the EV industry. Under the theme of “e-Motional Technology for Humans,” EVS28 will serve as a venue to share and discuss the next steps of Electro Mobility as a key to making the automobile industry “Green” and “Sustainable.”

An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the symposium to showcase the new technologies on the market. In addition, drawing boards will showcase innovations-from low speed battery electric vehicles to fuel cell electric buses. Moreover, various events such as the Drive & Ride and Technical Visit will be offered during the event to broaden and expand our experience of related fields

If you pre-register by 27 March, you will receive a discount. For on-line registration click here:

Light Electric Vehicle Association Presents Awards at Taipei Cycle Show

The LEVA is recognizing individuals and companies that have contributed to the establishment and success of the world wide industry for electric bicycles, and other battery light vehicles.

Company of the Year: this award is to the company that has had the most effect, good or bad, on the LEV industry in the previous year.
Bosch e-Bike Systems

Innovator of the Year:
Zehus Human +

Bright Light of the Year: companies with a brilliant future – two awards
Hero / A2B World Wide Effort
OHM Cycle

Corporate Citizen of the Year: two awards:
Fairly Bike Manufacturing Company
Accell North America – Currie Technologies

Cross Cultural Leader of 2015:
Claudia Wasko – Bosch North America

Leaders Medals Awarded to:
Chairman Ma, China Bicycle Association.
Yu Shih Gang, Shanghai Bicycle Association
Norbert Haller, Designer, Berlin£
Jack Oortwijn, Bike Europe
Annick Roetynck, AVERE
Dr. MacArther, Oregon University
Dr. Mo Hua Yang, HTE
Larry Pizzi, Accell NA

Founders Medals Awarded to:
Wang Quinghua, Bafang Motor Company
Ni Jie, LuYuan Ebike Company
Lee Iacocca, EV Global
Dr. Frank Jamerson, EBWR
Anton and Markus Gromer, Heinzmann
Susanne Bruesch,
Hannes Neupert, Extra Energy
Yamaha PAS team, 1994
Panasonic / National Bicycle Team 1998
Tony Lo, King Liu, Giant Bicycle Company
Malcolm Currie, Currie Technologies
Sid Kuropchak, LEVA
Shanghai Cranes 1997
Suzhou Small Antelope 1997
Schacher Electric Bike
Jim Green, Zap 1995
Rob Means,
Sparta Ion Team
Heather Marsham, Total EV 1998
Burt Cebular, NYCE Wheels


Presentations EESC Public hearing on White Paper on Transport online

On 6 March, the European Economic and Social Committee organised a public hearing on the “White Paper on Transport: where do we stand?”.

All presentations are now online:

As a result of the hearing and of other meetings at the EESC, the Committee’s opinion is being improved by the rapporteurs and will finally be adopted in plenary on 22/23 April.